Why invest in time attendance systems?

The ever faster changes of recent times require you as an entrepreneur to change your attitude. The recipes proposed by the experts are increased specialization and productivity. Overall management improvement.

Starting from these assumptions, the reason for the Ns. activity is to provide you with control tools to improve personnel management.

In fact, the attendance survey aims to respect rules shared by all your work group. It represents a form of protection for those who respect company rules (for example, they are punctual).

Perché investire nella rilevazione presenze

Our history

Founded by Mr. Osti Gianfranco, the company was founded in 1972 as a small individual company operating in the local area. In 2009 the form of the company changed to Private Limited Company (Ltd). Today it operates throughout the national and European territory both directly and through a network of dealers.

We supply systems for managing attendance data, access control systems also in fingerprint version (attendance and access control), advancement of production times and canteen reservations.

In addition, the classic time recorders and electronic time recorders, clocks and daters, centralized systems, control systems for night guards and queue management systems.

Rilevazione presenze e controllo accessi dal 1972

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