CM-880 Calculating Time Recorders Display Touch

Needtek CM-880 Time Recorder. High Performance Time Clock: Color Touch Screen Display, Calculation of Hours Worked per Day and Monthly Progressive, Bell Management (siren and/or internal melody). Stamping Red Delays.

Calculating Time Recorders CM-880


The CM-880 calculating time recorders, in addition to being a reliable and tested verification tool, saves you from wasting time: today time is more valuable than money! In fact, considering the time spent by a collaborator for calculating the hours worked on a time card with only the stampings (without counting) and the probable errors then reported on the slip, the price you pay for the time stamping and summarizing is regained, on average, in the period of time from two to twelve months (depending on the number of employees).

The CM-880 calculating time recorders has, first of all, a touch screen display which makes management operations extremely simple, it is equipped with two-color print registration (black/red) for delays and early exits, E/U automatic movement, relay output for siren (and/or adjustable internal melody). In the 5th and 6th print column of the card, total the hours worked per day with a progressive total for the month. The CM880 time clock complies with the detection of attendance in "construction sites" of all types.


It is a NEEDTEK product, imported and distributed in Europe by Osti Sistemi.

Functions and equipment

Touch Screen Display
Automatic stamping movement
Calculated hours worked
Aut. Change legal solar time
Red stamps delays


The CM-880 calculating time recorders manages schedules: daily, shifts, overlapping shifts, part time. Its small dimensions and its modern and accurate design allow installation in any context and condition. Thanks to its system, the CM-880 does not require any intervention by specialized personnel for setting changes, corrections, time changes, entering new programming, summer/winter time, etc... Each feature of this innovative and modern stamping machine ensures the maximum cost/benefit.


CM-880 Calculating Time Recorder: General Features

  • CM-880 is equipped with a 4.3” color TFT touch display with indication of hour, minutes, day of the week, day of the month, ringtone, printing phase, battery status.
  • The CM-880 calculating time recorders  supports two-color printing (red/black), red for delays and early exits, black for on-time punching.
  • The fully automatic printing system of the CM-880 (Needtek), protects the tag and avoids overlapping printing and stamping.
  • CM-880 is set up for electric stamping, with an automatic dragging and self-ejecting device after successful stamping.
  • Calculation and printing: in the 5th column of the postcard, of the total hours worked per day, in the 6th column of the progressive total of the month. "Time, today, matters more than money".
  • If the automatic calculations of the 5th and 6th column of the time card are disabled, the CM-880 time recorder can manage up to 6 clockings per day (3 entries + 3 exits). In this case it is necessary to use the tags mod. SX86.
  • CM-880 allows you to manage night shifts, between midnight, stamping entry and exit on the same line, using a specific specific key ("half-moon" key, on the touch screen display).
  • The CM-880 calculating time recorders is equipped with an internal melody (adjustable volume) and/or 1 relay for an external bell with weekly programming up to 24 times of daily signaling.
  • CM-880 is equipped with a security system (Password) for the protection of the internal set-up, so that no one can alter or modify the programming of the time-clock device.
  • The summer/winter time change is automatic and can be set in setup. CM-880 changes the daylight saving time change automatically.
  • The print format can be parameterized in sixtieths or hundredths of a minute.
  • The device is equipped with a dot matrix printer and cassette ink ribbon (two-colour red/black).
  • Automatic reset of the calendar at the end of the month 30-31 and leap year.
  • The CM-880 calculating time recorders manages up to 100 employees per month, through the use of coded and numbered double-sided monthly cards from 1 to 100 "with barcode".
  • The timepiece is equipped with a lithium battery and, even in the event of a power failure, it can keep the programming in its memory for up to 3 years.
  • The CM-880 calculating time recorders can be installed on the wall or table, using the reversible support included.
  • CM-880 calculating time recorders dimensions: H 210 mm x W 198 mm x D 120 mm.
  • Operating conditions ensured with ambient temperature: from 0° to 40°.
  • CE certified.


  • 4.3” TFT color touch display with indication of date/time, day of the week/month, alarm, printing phase, battery status.
  • Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds/month.
  • Printer: Dot matrix printer.
  • Ribbon for printing: Two-tone black and red cassette.
  • Column shift and/or automatic.
  • Signaling device: 24 programming steps available.
  • Internal melody with adjustable volume.
  • Capacity 100 employees.
  • Memory: 3 years guaranteed by a NiCd battery.
  • Power supply: AC 220-240V.
  • Amps: 0.22A
  • Operating conditions: 0°C +40°C.
  • Humidity: 10%-80% RH
  • Dimensions: (HxWxD) 241x187x130mm.
  • Case: light gray ABS.
  • Weight: 2.0kg.
  • Installation: Table - wall.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

Functions and equipment

Touch Screen Display
Automatic stamping movement
Calculated hours worked
Aut. Change legal solar time
Red stamps delays

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