TS-350 Time Stamp Machines

Time Stamp Machines Needtek TS 350: Print Date and Time on any Document. Instrument of High Reliability and Accuracy, of Certain Declaration.

Time Stamp Machines Needtek TS-350


Osti Sistemi offers this new time stamp machine with advanced quality, operation and results, with a quality/price ratio superior to any similar product offered on the market. The TS 350 is a time stamp machine for real-time recording, which prints the time and date on any document, even in multiple copies up to five copies, which requires to be checked, filed and recorded. Equipped with relay output for connection to external bell with daily and weekly programming.


TS-350 Needtek is the time stamp machine suitable for all working sectors (banking institutions, insurance companies, car rentals, garages, freight forwarders, supermarkets, post offices, etc.)



It is a NEEDTEK product, imported and distributed in Europe by Osti Sistemi



Functions and equipment

Automatic stamping movement
Aut. Change legal solar time


Features of the Time Stamp Machines TS-350:


  • The large front LCD display allows you to view the day, month, year, hours and minutes, complete with tape consumption level indicator.
  • Password: the TS-350 is equipped with a door opening key that prevents any type of unauthorized access.
  • Data protection: in the event of a power failure, the calendar and schedule data of the time stamp machines are TS-350 guaranteed in memory for 36 months by a lithium battery.
  • The LED that illuminates the printing area makes the operation easier and more precise in any light condition.
  • TS-350 already has the possibility to manage more than 30 predefined print formats, possibility of complete customization of the print.
  • Print on 3 separate lines.
  • 13 preset comments (e.g. FAXED, VID, RCVD).
  • Languages that can be set for time and date: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.
  • Internal acoustic signal (buzzer) and relay output for programmable external bell.
  • The time stamp machines TS-350 can be installed both on the table and on the wall.
  • The TS-350 is equipped with all the accessories necessary for an excellent and safe installation.
  • Dimensions of time stamp machines TS-350: H 180 mm x W 150 mm x D 165 mm.
  • Weight 2.5kg.
  • Operating conditions ensured with ambient temperature: from 0° to 40°.
  • Manufacturer Needtek.
  • CE certified.





  • DISPLAY: LCD indicating dd-month-year and min. and tape level indicator
  • TIME BASE: Quartz +/- 3 sec. week.
  • PRINTER: Matrix 9 needles
  • RELAY: for activating the siren / programmable external bell.
  • TAPE: Black Cassette.
  • POWER SUPPLY: 220/240V 50Hz.
  • MEMORY: 36 months.
  • TEMPERATURE: 0°C +40°C.
  • HUMIDITY: 10% to 80%.
  • WEIGHT: 2.5 Kg
  • DIMENSIONS: H 180mm x W 150mm x D 165mm.
  • CASE: gray ABS.

Functions and equipment

Automatic stamping movement
Aut. Change legal solar time

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