Jweb-VIS Web Visitor Managment Software

Web visitor management software: on-premises solution with no fee (server or customer PC) or in the cloud (Saas) on Osti Sistemi Server Farm. Also available as a JuniorWEB © or Jweb-KEY module.

Jweb-VIS: WEB-based Visitor Management Software.


The Jweb-VIS visitor management software is Osti Sistemi's web-oriented solution for registering visitors to the company (legislation on workplace safety and fire prevention d.p.r.151 / 2011 and d.lgs 81/2008). Jweb-VIS can be managed with any type of support (desktop PC, tablet and smartphone both Android and IPhone) and with any type of connection both intranet and internet. Compatible with Windows (including Windows 10), Linux and Mac operating systems. Multilingual available.


Jweb-VIS can be installed and managed in 3 different ways:

  • installed on Osti Sistemi server farm (in cloud or saas)
  • installed on the client's server or PC (on-premises) without fee
  • installed on the reseller's server farm (branded saas: logo and customized software name).


Jweb-VIS is available in 2 distinct versions:

  • in standalone version Jweb-VIS (license / cloud)
  • as a module of JuniorWEB© and Jweb-KEY (license / cloud)


JuniorWEB© is a software protected by Copyright (Siae reg. 013075 of 28.12.2018).


Jweb-VIS complies with EU regulation 2016/679, so-called G.D.P.R: account management (admin, manager, user) customized for each user, user operation log, password management, session token.


Functions and equipment

Cloud (saas)
LDAP on Active Directory


The Jweb-VIS visitor management software is installed and configured in 3 distinct modes:

  • in SaaS (cloud) on the Osti Sistemi server farm (service). The software, in fact, is not installed at the customer's premises but in the Ns. Server Farm and can be used remotely with a simple Internet connection.
  • on-premises (without fee): in this case, Jweb-VIS is installed directly on the client's server (or even on a simple client PC).
  • for Osti Sistemi resellers: installation on their server farm, in saas mode, but for their customers (saas branded with logo and customized software name of the reseller / consultant).


Main features of Jweb-VIS:

  • The Jweb-VIS application allows the uploading of 2 main personal data: Contact details, are the company managers able to receive the various types of visitors (e.g. representatives, suppliers, etc ...), it is possible to associate their respective emails to each one to send notice every time the visitor has been registered at the reception. Reasons database: these are the reasons to be associated with the single visit (e.g. representative visit, supplier visit, maintenance, etc ...).
  • The form is found in the path FUNCTIONS => REGISTERS => VISITORS. By accessing the Visitor Register option, the receptionist enters the visitor's data, the mandatory data are: surname / first name of the visitor, name of the contact person, reason, finally date / time of entry and exit. All other data are optional: company to which they belong, email, telephone, badge, notes and identification document. By entering the date / time of entry, the data is recorded and an e-mail notice is automatically sent to the contact person with all the data entered regarding his appointment. When the visitor leaves, the receptionist enters the date / time of exit. Registration is complete.
  • From the visitors' entry / exit register it is then possible to select the records for: date range, visitors currently present, already exited or "not entered" (registered visitors, but not entered).
  • Green Pass Management: the module allows integration with the J-C19 App installed in the GP-C19 totem which allows the verification of the Green Pass (no storage of data relating to the vaccination certificate). The J-C19 App sends to the Jweb-VIS software: name / surname, date of birth, GP validity, date and time of registration and the module itself generates alerts (email, list of anomalies, etc.) to the managers in cases of Green Pass not valid.
  • The register can be printed or exported in pdf / excel.


  • Advantages of the Jweb-VIS solution:
  1. you can manage it from any PC on the company network, from the local office or from a remote office (an HTML browser is sufficient), or from the internet (ADSL, Saas solution),
  2. The application is always available (even from home).
  3. The control of system access passwords has been created with attention to security, following the privacy legislation (G.D.P.R.).
  • For each user it is possible to profile:
  1. assign supervisor rights (one or more system administrators);
  2. assign manager rights (secretariat, reception);
  • The Jweb-VIS user database can be managed both by the personnel / security office and by the remote unit manager. It is possible, in fact, to attribute to the person in charge of the remote office the right to insert / modify / delete only the users belonging to your group.
  • Language management: Jweb-VIS has been enriched with a multilingual platform, available in Italian (ITA), English (EN), German (DE), French (FR), Greek (GR) and Hungarian (H), however it has been designed for translation into other languages, in fact it is possible to provide the customer / reseller with the matrix (ITA / EN) for translation into another language.

Jweb-VIS has two optional modules, the "Visitor Face / Temperature Register":
  • the visitor face / temperature register can be found in the FUNCTIONS => REGISTERS => FACE / TEMPERATURE section. It allows you to directly acquire the data recorded by the termoscenners (WH5001-FE, WH5003-FE, Facedeep 5 IRT and Facedeep 3 IRT). In case of abnormal temperature detection (> 37.5 °), it is possible to activate an automatic alert by sending an email to the manager with the detected data (photos, temperature, etc ...), or sending a notification to the user (or group of users) on Telegram social. The procedure allows you to activate, at your discretion, a series of privacy parameters:
  1. only the status (normal value / fever) is shown on the thermoscanner display, without the temperature.
  2. do not save visitor / employee photos in the database
  3. do not save the recorded temperature values in the database (or only save the values over the threshold)
  4. delete elapsed records and photos recorded beyond a given number of hours.
  • By accessing the visitor register, in the FUNCTIONS menu => REGISTERS => VISITORS => FACE / TEMPERATURE => VISITORS. The data collected are: photo, date / time, temperature, access (denied / authorized), terminal, office.

  • LDAP authentication module:
  1. Allows users to authenticate themselves to the program using their domain credentials.


  • Web based native software.
  • Mysql database.
  • PHP development language.
  • Responsive web design (RWD).
  • Compatible with Windows (including Windows 10), Linux and Mac operating systems.
  • User profiling (administrator, secretary, reception).
  • Multilingual management.
  • System log for user tracking.
  • Jweb-VIS is developed on the JuniorWEB© platform, software protected by Copyright (Siae reg. 013075 of 28.12.2018).

Functions and equipment

Cloud (saas)
LDAP on Active Directory

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