VF20 FP/Pin e wi-fi

Access control: Anviz VF20 fingerprint and PIN code, LAN connection, Wi-fi or standalone.

Anviz VF20 is the terminal to manage access control. VF20 is a device equipped with a fingerprint reader (BIONANO Anviz algorithm). The TCp Ip network interface, or alternatively Wi-Fi together with the graphic display and the convenient keyboard, make the VF20 terminal suitable for every type of customer and every need, especially for remote offices, branches or construction sites. VF20 can be used in LAN or stand-alone mode. The design makes installation very easy in all types of environments (even outdoors with a waterproof cover).




Functions and equipment

Biometric fingerprint reader
PIN code
Door release relay
LAN network card
Management software


VF20 Bio / Pin access control detector technical features (detail):

  • Clear 128x64 high definition LCD display.
  • Biometric algorithm: BIONANO V10 (Anviz) with high speed and stability.
  • New generation AFOS300 biometric sensor waterproof, dustproof and scratchproof.
  • Management up to n. 2,000 fingerprints (max n. 2 fingerprints for each user) and up to n. 2,000 users.
  • VF20 can store a number of bookings up to 50,000 (max. No. Of bookings that can be stored without downloading the data).
  • VF20 can manage up to 2 alternative ways to identify the user: 1) fingerprint only, 2) ID code plus password code.
  • VF20 manages 5 different communication interfaces: a) TCP / IP network configurable both in SERVER mode (the host calls an IP address assigned to VF20), or in CLIENT mode (VF20 sends the clockings to a public IP in real-time and static, this type of connection is indicated if we have many presence / access detectors to manage or if it is necessary to connect remote offices without VPN and only equipped with ADSL), b) Wi-Fi, c) Rs485 for connection to the T5S slave detector, d ) with USB cable for fixed or laptop PC, e) Wiegand Out for connection to remote relay SC011 (distance 100 meters) or to Sac844.
  • VF20 has 1 internal relay for management: 1) external siren with weekly programming of times, 2) door opener for access control with management of white list, access time bands and days of the week for enabling.
  • The VF20 detector has a RAM with lithium battery for data retention in case of forced shutdown.
  • VF20 can manage presence / absence causal codes of up to 6 digits, which can be associated with the stamping and managed directly by our JuniorWEB attendance software.
  • Ability to send text messages to the user, which will be shown directly on the display at the time of stamping.
  • VF20 allows the employee to view their previous bookings.
  • Function key for device auto-off (data are in any case saved in the RAM equipped with a lithium battery).
  • Multilingual firmware: Italian, English, German and Turkish.


  • 128 X 64 white LCD display.
  • IP53 (opt. Cover for outdoor).
  • Management of up to 2,000 fingerprints and 2,000 users.
  • Storage capacity up to 50,000 bookings.
  • 2 identification possibilities: FP, ID + PW.
  • 4 communication ports: TCP / IP, Wi-fi, mini USB, Wiegand Out, Rs485.
  • Voice alerts.
  • Messages on display.
  • View previous employee bookings: Yes.
  • Keyboard causal codes.
  • N.1 relay for sounders activation and door opening.
  • Door open sensor.
  • Lithium battery for data storage.
  • 4 languages: Italian, German, English, Turkish.
  • Button for switching on and off.
  • Dimensions: 80mm x 180mm x 40mm (W x H x D).
  • FCC, CE certified.
  • Temperature -30 ° ~ 60 ° C
  • 12V power supply not included.

Functions and equipment

Biometric fingerprint reader
PIN code
Door release relay
LAN network card
Management software

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