Junior30W Web Attendance Software

Web time attendance software: on-premises solution with no fee (server or client PC) for small companies or organizations up to 30 employees. Multilingual available.

Junior30W: Web time attendance software for up to 30 employees.


Junior30W time attendance software is Osti Sistemi's on-premises web-oriented solution (without fee) for personnel management in small businesses or public companies with up to 30 employees. Junior30W can be managed with any type of support (desktop PC, tablet and smartphone both Android and IPhone) and with any type of connection both intranet and internet. Compatible with all Windows operating systems (including Windows 10), Linux and Mac. Multilingual available. You can install Junior30W either on your server (recommended) or on one or more client PCs.


JuniorWEB© is UE 2016/679 compliant regulation,  as  G.D.P.R :  account managment (admin, manager, user) personalized for every user, log user operation, password managment, session token.


Functions and equipment

LDAP on Active Directory


The Junior30W time attendance software is installed and configured under on-premises only:

  • On-premises: in this case, requires the installation of Junior30W directly on your server (or even on a simple client PC) without fee.


MAIN FEATURES in Junior30W :

  • Software Junior30W receive in automatic mode and real time the attendance records (ex. OC500 and FaceDeep 3) connected by LAN (TCP/IP) or via Modem GPRS and Router. Attendance Devices send data in real time to a public IP Address , that can be our IP Address (SaaS), Customer Server Public Ip Address or the Reseller Public IP address. In case of time out connection, devices turn into an Offline function with attendance record memorization. When the connection turn online , devices resend all records memorized in offline mode.


The Junior30W software consists of a basic package and a series of additional modules :

  • LUL Module (Payroll file creation).
  • Workflow Module (request and assign of justification absent/present.
  • Virtual Attendance Record Module (by PC Desktop with Mac-adress verification).
  • Smartphone Attendance Record Module with GPS Google Maps Verify.
  • Expense report Module (Upload Expense Report with Manager Approvation).
  • Activity Module Managment.
  • Company Courses Module.
  • Face / Temperature Registers module.
  • Visitor Register module.
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP) module.
  • "Green Pass" module.
  • Automatic Import of Health Certificates module.
  • LDAP authentication module.
  • Log Pay Packet/Communications module.


  • Advanteges of Junior30W solution:
  1. You can manage Junior30W from every PC in the Intranet or by a remote office (You need only an HTML Browser).
  2. The application is always available (even from home).
  3. The system access password control has been created with attention to security, following the privacy regulations.
  • For Every User can be Profiled:
  1. assign supervisor rights (one or more system administrators);
  2. assign the department to manage (foreman / foreman / foreman);
  3. the operational unit that will be able to manage (head of operational unit);
  4. users accounts
  • The Junior30W employee database is up to 30 units and can be managed by both the personnel department and the remote unit manager. In fact, it is possible to attribute to the remote office manager the right to insert / modify / delete only the employees belonging to his group.
  • Language Management: Junior30W has been enriched with a multilingual platform, available in Italian (ITA), English (EN), German (DE), French (FR), Greek (GR) and Hungarian (H), however it has been designed for translation into other languages, in fact it is possible to provide the customer / reseller with the matrix (ITA / EN) for translation into another language.
  • Timetable Management: the schedules can differ in terms of: the number of scheduled bookings (none for example managers, one time stamping for example executives, or two, four or more bookings per day), by type of flexibility (daily, weekly, monthly), by type of shift (eg 24-hour shifts: morning, afternoon, night); for the calculation of hours worked differentiated by type eg. theoretical hours, ordinary hours, days worked, overtime hours, extra hours, shift allowance, etc.
  • The automatic management of shifts can be managed with profiles, for example weekly or periodic in general. It is possible to assign multiple work shifts on the same day to the employee who works shifts, and Junior30W will automatically identify the correct shift based on the actual bookings.
  • The management of the annual Totalizers can manage the balances, the carryovers to the following year, the progressives (of holidays enjoyed, holidays accrued, permits enjoyed, accrued, residuals, etc.). With the management of totalisers, having the balances of absences in the archive, it is possible to make evaluations without processing pay slips.
  • Absence / Presence reasons: the user can, from the terminal (OC500), enter the reasons for absence / presence per day.
  • Anomalies management: allows the operator to check only employees with anomalies. The original stampings are highlighted differently than those entered by the operator.
  • Planning Presence of personnel in the various points of sale / departments / cost centers: Junior30W allows the department manager to manage the planning of work shifts of the cost center itself. The schedule can be managed for predefined hours / shifts by choosing the most appropriate for the employee from a list of times. It is possible to associate an activity or cost center code to the planned shift on which the hours worked must be loaded. With the scheduling of shifts it is possible to check compliance with the clockings made by the employee in the attendance survey. The head of the structure can always check the imbalance between the actual hours worked and the hours foreseen or planned both in the day and in the period.
  • Justification Planning: allows you to monitor planned absences (eg holidays / leave / sickness).
  • Automatic Calendar: Junior30W allows you to manage, for all those employees who do not have the obligation to mark, an automatic "calendar" that creates the scheduled (ordinary) daily hours; the operator, the employee himself, communicates (through the workflow module) any exceptions that complete the monthly attendance / absences.
  • With Junior30W you can assign the hours worked of the individual employee to the respective site / department / cost / activity in which he actually worked (management control). The assignment is made when calculating the hours of presence. The time and attendance software allows you to define multiple intermediate levels of aggregation (eg cost center, branch, department). During the counting, the software checks the congruity between the hours calculated in presence and the activity codes charged, calculating both hours rounded on attendance and on justified hours of absence. It is possible to calculate the hours worked by "construction site": in fact each detector has an identification code to which it is possible to associate the employee's daily hours worked.
  • Schedule management: for each employee it is possible to manage a schedule with automatic alert at XX days (which can be parameterized) prior to the recorded period (employee master data in the deadlines section).
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP): the emergency and evacuation plan (EEP) is a document to be integrated into the DVR and is of great importance for dealing with risk situations. The corporate EEP provides guidelines for workers, so they know what measures to take to minimize risks. This function allows you to manage the appeal of those present, with a tablet / smartphone, in one or more personnel safety sites by the managers designated by the company. The management of emergencies can also be managed through the "Collection Points" module, in which special time and attendance devices (used only for this type of activity), are located in one or more points and manage the stamping of those present for the purpose to mount personnel in emergency situations.
  • All prints can be exported in: pdf, word, excel.


Opzional modules  in Junior30W :

  • LUL module: Junior30W is designed to extrapolate the file to be sent to the payroll software (if internal), or to the labor consultant (if external). Junior30W attendance software can interface with any payroll software.
  • Workflow Management: the module manages the entire procedure relating to the request and approval of the justifications between the personnel department and the employees / managers. The application allows employees to:
  1. Access your monthly card (stamping and supporting documents).
  2. Enter the requests for holidays, leave, overtime to be authorized, etc., which are automatically sent to the managers (also with e-mail notice) to be authorized. The supporting documents (e.g. holidays, permits), once approved, are automatically inserted in the employee's card. An approval / rejection confirmation email is sent to the employee. The module simplifies the entire procedure of the personnel department and transfers greater autonomy to employees and structure managers.
  3. Download payroll, CUD and other personal documents from your private area. All operations (uploading of documents by the company and downloading of the same by the employee) are recorded in the log file and serve to prove, within the terms of the law, the fulfillment (ruling 13/2012 Ministry of Labor).
  4. Request and upload of employee documents: the admin can automatically generate emails to request documents for employees, who, by logging in with their account, are able to upload them to the system.
  • Virtual Terminal (fixed PC and smartphone): with this module it is possible to manage the clocking for all those remote offices where few employees are located, or for offsite employees who can clock with a smartphone, such as for Smart Working (work from home), or for itinerant employees (eg technicians). The employee, after logging in, only has to press a button. The system automatically generates the attendance stamp. The date / time detected is that of the server (not accessible). The system verifies that the mac-address of the PC from which the operation was performed is contained in an enabled list, to prevent the stamping from being carried out, for example from home. For off-site employees, who stamp from smartphones (Android / Iphone), the system detects GPS coordinates with links to Google Maps for GPS position control. Furthermore, with the "GeoFence" system it is possible to associate the employee with one or more addresses (construction sites) and verify that the coordinates found come from one of the associated "construction sites".
  • Expense Report Management: the module manages the entire procedure relating to the request and approval of expense reports for travel between the manager, employees / executives and the administrative office for settlement. The application allows employees to:
  1. Log in with your account to upload expenses incurred for travel (period, destination, amount description). It is also possible to upload the relevant document (eg receipt, receipt), directly from smartphone or PC (Upload expense report documentation). Once uploaded, they are passed to the manager for approval, with email alerts.
  2. Once authorized by the manager they are automatically sent to the administrative managers who can print the monthly reports for each employee, settle the expenses, or automatically these data can be transferred, together with the hours of presence / absence to the payroll processing software (as a reimbursement).
  3. The documents (receipts, receipts, etc.), relating to approved expense reports, can be downloaded automatically (from the dematerialization of expense reports) to prepare the documents themselves for electronic storage.
  • Activity Management: integrated into the Junior30W attendance software. The module allows the employee to record, in addition to attendance, the codes of work activity (activities, processes, orders, customer codes, construction site codes, etc ...). Activity data can be entered either via presence detectors with keyboard (eg Oc500), or from a PC or smartphone (for off-site operators). It is possible to associate a "default" activity to each employee, which is automatically attributed to him even without being entered by reason for Oc500 or smartphone. Added function of activity planning by employee (activity planning).
  • IAnviz Access Control Management: access control management integrated directly into Junior30W.
  1. Terminal Management: in the terminals section we find the registry part (ID, description, type, assigned color, etc.) and the configuration part (service id, relay activation time, relay for accesses / ringtones, etc.).
  2. Time-bands management: in the time-bands table, the access control terminals, defined in the previous section, are associated with a time (from ... to ...) that can be diversified for each day of the week (MON-SUN). You can define both times for weekdays and any times for access on holidays (eg managers).
  3. Group Management: the groups table defines for each access control terminal configured previously, the associated time bands (both weekday and holiday bands).
  4. Holidays: for each terminal, configured in the previous table, the annual holidays are associated.
  5. Access Management (user database): in the user database (access management section) the weekday and holiday group with the relative associations are defined for each configured device (not enabled, always enabled, or according to the time groups defined in the previous table) .
  6. Validity date: always in the users database (general section) it is possible to define validity dates on the access control from ..... to .... (respectively date in the "Hired" field and date in the "Contract End field).
  7. Command Log: log of commands and operations performed by the operator on each device.
  8. Authorization list: mapping of the users associated with each device with the relative groups (definition of time bands and days of the week, weekdays and holidays).
  9. Access List: user list with access time to the configured terminals, the list can be filtered with various parameters (date, terminal, company, branch, department, user, access denied, access authorized).
  10. Alert management: sending email alerts for unauthorized entry (license version only), or send notification to user (or group of users) on Telegram social.
  11. Ringtones: the option is part of the basic version of the JuniorWEB© attendance management software, but it is also present in the access control version if one or more devices need to be programmed to activate relays at preset weekly times.
  12. Area Monitoring: monitoring present / exiting by area, with the aim of monitoring the number of those present in each area of the structure and if, for each moment of the day, the limit of people allowed in the specific area has been exceeded (anti-crowding measures, Covid prevention19 ).
  • Visitors / Employees Register: the visitors / employees register is located in the FUNCTIONS => VISITORS section (for now only in the license version). It allows the data recorded by the WH5001-FE and WH5003-FE termoscenners to be acquired directly from Junior30W. In case of abnormal temperature detection (> 37.5 °), it is possible to activate an automatic alert by sending an email to the person in charge with the detected data (photos, temperature etc ...), or send notification to user (or group of users) on Telegram social. The procedure allows you to activate, at your discretion, a series of privacy parameters:
  1. only the status (normal value / fever) is shown on the thermoscanner display, without the temperature.
  2. do not save visitor / employee photos in the database
  3. do not save the recorded temperature values in the database (or only save the values over the threshold)
  4. delete elapsed records and photos recorded beyond a given number of hours.

By accessing the register we find the two sections: visitors and employees:

  1. Visitors (unidentified users), in the FUNCTIONS menu => REGISTERS => FACE / TEMPERATURE => VISITORS. The data collected are: photo, date / time, temperature, access (denied / authorized), terminal, office.
  2. Employees (identified users), in the FUNCTIONS menu => REGISTERS => FACE / TEMPERATURE => EMPLOYEES. The data collected are: photo, badge, name / surname, date / time, temperature, access (denied / authorized), terminal, office. Only the clockings are automatically loaded (optionally) either on the card or on the access panel.
  • Visitor Register: allows the uploading of 2 main personal data, Contact Information, are the company managers able to receive the various types of visitors (e.g. representatives, suppliers, etc ...), it is possible to associate their respective emails to each one to send notice every time the visitor has been registered at the reception. Reasons database: these are the reasons to be associated with the single visit (e.g. representative visit, supplier visit, maintenance, etc ...). The form is found in the path FUNCTIONS => REGISTERS => VISITORS. By accessing the Visitor Register option, the receptionist enters the visitor's data, the mandatory data are: surname / first name of the visitor, name of the contact person, reason, finally date / time of entry and exit. All other data are optional: company to which they belong, email, telephone, badge, notes and identification document. By entering the date / time of entry, the data is recorded and an e-mail notice is automatically sent to the contact person with all the data entered regarding her appointment. When the visitor leaves, the receptionist enters the date / time of exit. Registration is complete. From the visitors' entry / exit log, it is then possible to select records for: date range, visitors currently present, already exited or "not entered" (visitors registered, but not entered).
  • Green Pass Management: the module allows integration with the J-C19 App installed in the GP-C19 totem which allows the verification of the Green Pass (no storage of data relating to the vaccination certificate). The J-C19 App sends to the JuniorWEB Gren Pass module: name / surname, date of birth, GP status, date and time of registration and the module itself combines the attendance / access stamps (badge, fingerprint, facial recognition, etc.) with the verification of the Green Pass and generates alerts (mail, list of anomalies, etc.) to the managers in the following cases: entry presence without Gp validation, entry presence with invalid Gp.
  • Management of Import Health Certificates: the module allows the automatic import of files received via Pec into the employee's card. The import loads automatically: the health code for the indicated period and the date of issue and the number of the certificate are visible in the comment of the day.
  • LDAP Authentication Management: Allows users to authenticate themselves to the program using their domain credentials.
  • Pay Packet Log Management and Communications allows the Personnel Department to upload Pay Packet tax documents and internal Communications more efficiently and to monitor their status, e.g. Viewed/Accepted/Rejected.


  • Native Software Web Based
  • Database Mysql
  • PHP language
  • Responsive Web design (RWD)
  • Compatibility with O.S. Windows (windows10 included), Linux and Mac
  • Company courses Module
  • Manual Calendar Settings
  • Profiling Users (Admin, Manager, Users)
  • Multilanguage
  • Log System Record
  • Junior30W is developed on the JuniorWEB© platform, protected software by Copyright (Siae reg. 013075 of 28.12.2018).

Functions and equipment

LDAP on Active Directory


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Junior30W Software Rilevazione Presenze in Cloud o in Licenza Perpetua presentazione Sicurezza 2023 Rho (MI) 15-17 Novembre
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